From inventory to information

We keep your inventory turning.

Transparency. Security. Commitment. This is our promise to you. When you work with i2i fulfillment, you benefit from advanced digital infrastructure, real-time inventory data feeds, historical statistics, and inventory trend reports. Our services include everything from quality assurance and reverse logistics, to freight management, customized systems, and more. Sounds like something that will take your business to the next level, right?

As your inventory fulfillment partner, we are just as invested in your success as you are. Our team works tirelessly to support you and keep you at the top of your industry; from a wide selection of tools that give you a competitive edge to advanced technology implementation, we make sure that you’re kept informed, that your inventory stays lean, and that your business remains lucrative. Now that’s what we call a partnership.


What i2i can do for you.

We’re big on goals. It’s kind of our thing—we set goals for ourselves, our company, but most importantly, we work with you and set goals for our partnership. You name it; we do it. From reducing costs to improving service performance, we build and foster success together.

Our beliefs & values

Building a sustainable future.

We’ve taken a pledge to social responsibility. Sustainable practices aren’t just a fad we’ve adopted; they’re one of our core values. Why? Because we care about our community, our people, and our company, and want to do our part to ensure we all have a better future.

We don’t just say we are sustainable—we back it up with actions. At i2i fulfillment, we minimize our impact on the environment by running electric forklifts and order-pickers, working with freight carriers who operate electric and hybrid delivery vehicles, and recycling all incoming plastic and paper— just to name a few.